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AT MESSAGE MELODY, We understand how to create a powerful and inspiring presentation that makes a lasting impact on everyone in the audience. Our talented speakers achieve that by introducing a musical component, which helps enhance the message in an entertaining way.


Our speakers keep in mind the different requirements of every event, workshop, seminar, or church community they speak at. That way, they can create a customized performance which is always addressing the specific issues people need help with. 


Personal Growth

- Reach Your Highest Potential -

Imagine how powerful the result for an organization could be if every person suddenly began to excel at both their career and their life.

John Maxwell says "Everything gets better when you do." That is true for individuals, but also for a team of every kind. Personal growth of the people within an organization has a beneficial effect on the workplace, interpersonal relationships, and even on the end-results of the entire organization.



- Inspire Others To Raise Their Own Bar -

In order to lead and inspire, the leaders themselves need to be inspired. We can help you supercharge your leadership drive.

There are no limits to what the power of great leadership can do for an organization. If a leader is able to convey his vision, passion, and confidence to other team members, then every single one of them feels invested in the goals and success of the organization.


Team Building

- Have Your Team Members Breathe As One -

Your organization can function like an award-winning orchestra if all of the team members and their individual strengths get in rhythm with each other.

A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle. The same is true for the members of a team. As long as they are in tune with one another, they will be able to overcome any obstacle. Not to mention that having an enjoyable working environment can truly make the individuals happy and motivated.



- Re-fuel The Passion That Drives Forward -

In this fast-paced modern world, we all sometimes need that motivation boost. The boost to keep us achieving, to keep us conquering, to keep us passionate.

We take the "You can do it!" approach and break it down into achievable steps that guide people to accomplishing success. Being able to survive a dead-end job while making tiny steps toward achieving your dreams can be very challenging. Getting advice from the people who are living their dreams can be immensely helpful to keep you on the right track.



- Inspire True Faith In Others -

A special presentation for churches allows us to let our faith engage and inspire believers to improve the lives of others within their communities.

Travis, Kevin and Harvey are all active leaders in their respective churches. The WORD presentation allows our speakers to share songs of faith and tell the inspirational story of how their faith has helped them with their lives.

PLEASE NOTE: The WORD is the only presentation where we focus on our faith. Still, we hope the positive influence of our faith can be felt through our positive attitudes and the way we care for all people.

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