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Message Melody speakers transform the lives of individuals and organizations, primarily because of their unique approach - mixing keynote and motivational speaking with music. This powerful fusion enables them to keep the audience engaged and entertained while speaking on topics of Personal Growth, Leadership, Employee Growth, Dreams, and other motivational topics.

Message Melody provides different programs for Seminars, Organizations, Workshops, Schools and Churches all over the U.S, based out of Oklahoma.


Music is the most dominant force in Travis' life. Now a well-known and respected fiddler, Travis first started playing at the age of 8 and has been playing bluegrass ever since. He has spent some time traveling with country and bluegrass bands, performing in Nashville, Oklahoma, Indiana and Texas. He even had the opportunity to take his music to Alaska and Costa Rica. Of course, his biggest musical achievement was creating one of the most in-demand music companies in Oklahoma and Texas. 

Interestingly, Travis is known as one of the pioneers of the wedding music business world - as he started not one but two successful companies. Currently, he is the owner of Full Circle Melody, a position which allowed him to change the landscape of wedding entertainment and create a successful and profitable business through trial, error, and perseverance. Travis also created a songwriting service for the newlyweds (Marriage Melody), taking a couple's background story and crafting a romantic, one-of-a-kind song from it. 

Travis' passions for public speaking and music are behind the birth of Message Melody. The realization that he is able to use his experiences and music skills to enrich other people's lives is what drives him forward. Travis is a good standing member of the John Maxwell Team, being certified in executive coaching, speaking and teaching on various topics of personal growth and leadership. He’s had the pleasure of speaking to different groups (from over 300 construction workers to a handful of business owners) and of leading 8-week courses for local churches as well.


Harvey is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, the University of Central Oklahoma, and a licensed professional counselor. He has been helping the Oklahoma families for more than 30 years. Currently, he works with families with children who have developmental delays, and is a statewide trainer for the State Health Department. He has also helped families experiencing life changing events and first-time youth offenders. Harvey ended up being invited to serve on the Ethics Board for the Oklahoma State Department.

Harvey has also led a successful small business for the past 20 years. During that time, he has enjoyed being a banjo player for Honey Creek Pass, but also leading worship where he attends church. On Friday nights in the fall Harvey likes to be on the football field as a referee resolving rival conflict.

Harvey developed the skills of humorously engaging the audience during his interesting career. Those skills enabled him to specialize in personal growth, communication, customer relations, team building and conflict resolution.


Since he was 5, Kevin had a dream - to serve in law enforcement. He began fulfilling that dream shortly after graduating from high school in his hometown Mustang. Soon after, Kevin was accepted into the Oklahoma City Police Academy, where he served the majority of his 37-year law enforcement career. It was during that time that Kevin discovered an interest in training and public speaking. Kevin has devoted his time training others within the police department, but also helping with police community relations. He specialized in curriculum development, adult continuing education and citizen group presentations.

Kevin's other lifelong passion was singing, and to support it, he taught himself how to play the guitar and a few other instruments. His and Travis' paths crossed numerous times. The result - a birth of a strong friendship and a music band. Travis also aided Kevin in combining his love for music with his talent for public speaking.

Kevin currently serves as a Law Enforcement Specialist and a Police Chaplain, providing training and assistance to over 300 Oklahoma law enforcement agencies. He was recently honored by being inducted into the Hall of Fame for City Officials in Oklahoma City.

Meet The Team

Travis Wackerly

Kevin McCullough

Harvey Mitchell

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