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Bob S

"We invited Message Melody to deliver the keynote presentation at our annual meetings held in OKC and Tulsa in Dec 2016. Travis did a masterful job of inspiring and motivating our team members. We look forward to a growing partnership with "MM" ."

Bob Sharp, Chaplain B&H Construction LLC

"Travis Wackerly was the speaker for our Edmond AMBUCS Club meeting last Friday.He spoke to us about goals and personal growth and shared many of his personal life and work experiences and how he used them to achieve his own personal growth. We thoroughly enjoyed his message woven in with the music he loves so much. We have a program each week and his presentation was one of the most enjoyable and informative."Thank you,June Cartwright Edmond AMBUCS Secretary and program committee co-chair.

June C

Galen B

"Travis, along with musical colleagues Harvey Mitchell and Kevin McCullough, presented a superb exposition of inspirational messages integrated with a very enjoyable musical concert. The team uniquely intertwined their music and their messages in such a way that the music and messages together became one and the same."

-Galen Brinson. Galen Brinson Insurance Agency

Personal Growth

- Reach Your Highest Potential -

Imagine how powerful the result for an organization could be if every person suddenly began to excel at both their career and their life.


- Inspire Others To Raise Their Own Bar -

In order to lead and inspire, the leaders themselves need to be inspired. We can help you supercharge your leadership drive.

team building

-Have Your Team Members Breathe As One-

Your organization can function like an award-winning orchestra if all of the team members and their individual strengths get in rhythm with each other.


- Re-fuel The Passion That Drives Forward  -

In this fast-paced modern world, we all sometimes need that motivation boost. The boost to keep us achieving, to keep us conquering, to keep us passionate.

the word

- Inspire True Faith

In Others -

A special presentation for churches allows us to let our faith engage and inspire believers to improve the lives of others within their communities.


Presentations and speakers are often too technical and complicated, which often results in the audience being uninspired. That is why we've incorporated music into our work. We understand how powerful the role music has in our lives.


Music is closely associated with memory and also with emotions. We believe the creative force of music makes a lasting impression on our audiences. Music gives our message a deeper and more powerful impact. It also puts a smile on your face and a tap in your toes.


"In order to be able to transform other people's lives, you must first be able to transform your own."

The proven ability to use their passion to surpass difficulties and achieve prosperity - both in their personal and professional lives - is the main reason why our speakers captivate and inspire their audiences.

Want us to bring harmony into the life of your organization?

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